Body Mind Yoga offers Power Yoga and Hatha yoga lessons.

In the Power Yoga lessons, the focus is on the link between movement and breath and we will be moving from pose (asana) to pose in a fluid and flowing way. The fact that all the poses are following each other constantly can make this lesson a bit challenging. But because yoga is for EVERYBODY, each pose will be offered in different options so as to make sure that you will be able to enjoy the lesson and participate, whatever your level of fitness or experience with yoga. The effort produced during the lesson will be used to get in touch with our body and our sometimes dormant muscles. This effort will then enable our body to fully relax and deeply rest in Savasana (the end relaxation).

Hatha Yoga lessons are the place where you will be able to reach a relaxed state from the first minutes and get the time to make space in your body as well as in your head. The focus here is relaxation and the ability to let go of the tensions in our body. We will  be moving from pose (asana) to pose in a slow deliberate way and experience the internal processes within our body and mind at the same time. The Hatha Yoga lessons are the perfect way to discover the possibilities yoga offers in terms of getting in touch with your body, controlling your breathing and finding peace of mind.

NOTE: If you are a beginner or never ever practiced yoga before, you are more than welcome to join one of classes and some extra attention will be given to the basics, such as posture and breathing. We make sure that all instructions are clear and detailed and we also offer physical adjustments in order for everybody to get the best out of each pose.