Hi there,

My name is Alexandre and I originally come from France but have been living in the Netherlands for the last 10 years.

An active lifestyle is very important to me and I tried quite a lot of activities and practiced a few disciplines from running to boxing and crossfit. I always had the feeling that I was doing some good pushing myself, sweating and feeling sore at the end of a training session. However there has always been this need for a more mindful if not spiritual practice that just kept on growing stronger and that was left unsatisfied after every training.

That is how I came to yoga. My first lesson was like a revelation (I know how cheesy and cliché this sounds but that is just how it went). It was a Power Yoga lesson and from what I remember I was just as sweaty at the end as after any other intensive physical activity. The big difference here was the rest and peace I was feeling at the end of the lesson. Of course the peace was gone after a couple of hours because I had to go to work afterwards and submit to the daily dose of stress created by our more and more hasty and pressing society, but a seed was definitely planted.

Since this first lesson a few years ago, I simply never stopped practicing and felt the quality of my life constantly improving. I mean, it still may sound cliché but I really managed to get in touch with myself, to be more focused on what I am doing, breathe better and even found a purpose in Life. In these few years Yoga has brought me so much that I decided To share it with as many people as possible and let them feel the benefits of Yoga too. I got the opportunity to start giving lessons in a studio in Groningen and started my first Yoga Teacher Training in order to learn all I could about Yoga. So far, I have completed both levels of the Power Yoga Instructor program as well as the anatomy cursus offered by AALO and got my 200 hours certificate as a Hatha Yoga Teacher from Arhanta, but am not planning on keeping it there.

To me Yoga is this moment when you step on your mat and bring your attention to the internal processes of your body and mind. The focus on the breath allows you to shut off the world around you during the time of the practice and find and enjoy the peace within. Yoga brings you balance and suppleness but also an underestimated amount of strength so much physical as mental. It is proven that regular practice of yoga can change you for the better and give you the rest and clarity of mind that will help you grow and develop as the beautiful human being you are.